Suspense Abated…

Yes, it took me a whole week to get back to blogging! Seven straight days of blogging left me happily exhausted. So, this blog will ease me back into a weekly ritual. And I’m going to make it short and sweet.

I cannot thank each and every one of you enough. Your kindness and support brought me to tears and I felt so overjoyed at the love that you’ve given. Thank you for taking the time to gift me with your words of encouragement!

We have winners!! Before announcing those, I would like to take a moment to give out a few honorable mentions.

*Stu Saffer: Not only was he the very first person to comment, he also happened to be the only gentleman to post a comment. Thank you Stu ūüôā

*Michelle: She commented on two blogs, leaving me doubly blessed!

*Marianne: I have known her longer than anyone else who posted! Twenty one years, give or take!! And her mom was my sister’s pediatrician AND she has twins girls AND she still has time to send incredibly sweet and sincere words of encouragement! Whew! You deserve a medal!

*Jessie: This lovely lady posted a comment from the furthest distance! Where, you might ask? Over 7,000 miles away, in Kabul, Afgahnistan!

*Vanessa: A close second in distance, coming from Switzerland and almost 6,000 miles away. These overseas gals really know how to spread the love far and wide!

And now, drumroll please!!! I instructed Alabama to only draw one name. Alabama decided that drawing three names sounded like a better idea. I documented the process:

What did you put in my pumpkin? That's not candy!

Just one? Hmm...

Why are you taking me away from my tribute to Stan Bernstein?

Here’s where we had our hiccup. Alabama drew two names, and I told her to only take one name. So, she puts the two names down and drew a third. By the time I put the camera down to assist, the three names were mixed and who knows what was drawn when.

And that makes three!

The three lucky winners are as follows in no particular order:




I will be emailing you in the next week to get your address and mail you the super awesome gift of gratitude! And who knows? Maybe I’ll eventually mail everyone something! Over the next few years of course :). Or once the girls are off to college. That sounds doable ūüôā Have a wonderful and joyful weekend!



Here’s how it’s going to work. ¬†I will first share a few inspirational thoughts that I’d like you to open you mind to and absorb. ¬†Then, I will tell you a story. ¬†After that, comes an interpretation of that story with the somewhat hidden announcement. ¬†Finally, a request that will result in someone winning a surprise gift!! ¬†Are you on the edge of your seats or what?!?

Here we go!  First, take a few really deep breaths.  And a few more for good measure.  This part has nothing to do with me or my blog.  This is a reminder to take a few moments for yourself.  Now that we are all in a calm and quiet place, here are the quotes to start us off:

Now, read them once more and apply at least one to your life.  Jump, splash, get dirty, believe, show your kids what strength and faith means.

Story time! ¬†Most of you know the beginning of this story, so I’ll be quick about it.

Once upon a time, there was a girl. ¬†She was nice and friendly and wished the best for everyone she met. She fell for a boy and they decided to meander down life’s path together. ¬†They added a golden blonde crazy angel baby ¬†and the three of them skipped to their own beat, laughing along the way. ¬†Just as life was becoming sleepy and simple, another budding baby decided to join their little party. ¬†The girl and the boy laughed and told this sweet pea to come along! ¬†As they started to stretch their little world for a fourth friend, something else decided to climb aboard. ¬†This “something” wasn’t invited. ¬†This “something” had an ugly cloak and a bad reputation and had no friends to call its own. ¬†This “something” decided to sneak into the party, behind the shadows of the budding baby, hoping that it would go unnoticed. ¬†The girl was too smart to fall for such a scheme, and noticed its unfamiliar presence. ¬†Unfortunately, it had made a home already and refused to budge. ¬†The boy and the girl looked at each other in shock and a bit of worry. ¬†“What shall we do?” they asked each other. ¬†“Well,” said the girl, “I suppose we must go into the box that will tell us what to do, and wait for help.” ¬†The boy said he would follow any which way, no matter how high or low. ¬†So, they slowed their pace, and crawled into the box and waited. ¬†A flurry of white coats and silver instruments poked and prodded that “something”. ¬†It peered out with a scowl and ignored the request to vanish. ¬†Those white coats reassured the girl and boy that they knew exactly what to do. ¬†The little family of almost four donned their cloaks of bravery and followed closely behind the parade of knowledge. ¬†They marched to a steady beat, and were rewarded with many enthusiastic compliments of a job well done. ¬†Their march slowed to a crawl when their sweet, brunette cherub entered the world. ¬†They sighed with contentment when they looked at their expanded tribe of goodness and love. ¬†The girl was tired but oh so happy. ¬†After a peaceful spell outside the box, the girl stood back up and dragged herself and the “something” into the harsh light of fighting and conquering. ¬†She felt heavy and sad as she looked around the desolate land she had chosen. ¬†She missed the forest and the trees and the wild path that had a sense of unknown and was alive with possibilities. ¬†She couldn’t find her warmth because she had lost her hair and was so tired she couldn’t remember where. ¬†Her laughter had somehow shrunk and her joy was broken into tiny bits and pieces that she would stumble upon every once in a while. ¬†The girl felt ashamed and alarmed and thought she might have made a mistake.

Well, the Mother of all mothers heard her cry. ¬†She sweetly smiled a sunny smile and wrapped a blanket of tranquility around the girl and sang her a lullaby until she fell asleep. ¬†The Mother of all mothers opened the girl’s heavy suitcase and started to unload all the unnecessary pieces. ¬†She laid to rest all the doubt, anxiety, fear and uncertainty. ¬†The Mother of all mothers replaced them with little pockets of intuition and harmony. ¬†She folded blankets of courage and slippers of joy inside. ¬†When she was done, the girl awoke to the bag she had always dreamt of. ¬†She joyfully kissed the Mother of all mothers on each cheek and ran as fast as her legs could carry her. ¬†She cheerfully shouted to the boy and the golden angel and the brunette cherub to wake up! ¬†The girl unfolded a map that was full of everything she loved and knew. ¬†The map told them to skip and hop and laugh. ¬†The map showed them where to find the freshest spring water and the sweetest apples. ¬†The girl laughed in delight as she recognized her most favorite things of all time on that map. ¬†The little family of four linked arms and started forging their path along the mossy forest floor.

The story takes a few twists and turn, but you get to be included in the next part. ¬†The foursome was stopped not far ahead by the coats of white and the needles of silver. ¬†“You can’t go this way!”, they exclaimed. ¬†“You’ll get lost, you’ll get hurt, you’ll never be able to find your way back!”. ¬†The girl asked how they knew that. ¬†“Have you ever gone this way to see what is ahead?” she asked. ¬†They bellowed and hollered and shouted numbers and science and protocol at her. ¬†“But do you know where my path leads?” she enquired. ¬†The coats of white looked at each other and grimaced. ¬†“No, but we only have one map and this is the map you must take.” ¬†The girl smiled sweetly at each and every face, for she still wished the best for everyone she met and said, “You are kind to offer me your map, but this world is bigger than that one map and ¬†wider than that one needle. ¬†I shall follow my heart, for it knows me better than any book or number. ¬†I shall climb brand new mountains and swim brand new seas. ¬†I shall breath every breath with faith that another breath will follow. ¬†I will turn my eyes to the sky and thank every cloud and raindrop and wisp of wind, for they will be a part of this journey.” ¬†And with that proclamation, the boy and the girl and the golden angel and the brunette cherub climbed into their boat made of faith and boldness, and pushed away from the safe shore. ¬†They set their sails to go any which way, no matter how high or low. ¬†Their life was an adventure and they relished in the moment, for that was all that was promised to them. ¬† ¬†The End

Well, my version of short may not be very short. ¬†But once I started, it became so therapeutic and I couldn’t stop. ¬†For those of you who don’t’ speak “fairytale”, I’ll interpret it for you.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer while five months pregnant, I couldn’t see beyond the fog of the disease. ¬†I couldn’t dissect my emotions and think through what was happening, because it all moved so fast. ¬†I had four rounds of chemo while pregnant, and then gave birth to a wonderful baby girl. ¬†After a month to recover, I started back up on a different “cocktail” of chemo. ¬†The fifth round proved to be much more difficult than the previous four rounds. ¬†I wasn’t sleeping or digesting very well and I was having strange heart palpitations. ¬†After the second round with the same results, I consulted my doctor about it. ¬†She assured me that these were all common side effects to the new chemo. ¬†Something just didn’t sit well with me, and my intuition started to speak up. ¬†What came next was a very personal decision and I am in no way telling anyone else to follow suit. ¬†I think everyone will make the best decision for where they are in life and knowledge and capabilities. ¬†I decided to delay conventional treatment and start researching alternative therapy. ¬†The very moment I made up my mind to change course, an enormous wave of peace shrouded my every thought and I knew in my heart of hearts that I had made the right decision for my body. ¬†My body and I get each other and have an understanding to listen to each other. ¬†When I was going through chemotherapy, I told my body that this is what it needed to work with. ¬†When my body decided on a better way to heal, I listened to it. ¬†Do I get a guarantee that this will be successful? ¬†Nope. ¬†But no one is offering me that option, so I had to go with the one that makes the most sense to me.

I started an organic whole-foods diet. I researched supplements and vitamins that have¬†well-documented anti-cancer synergies, support the immune system (the most important tool in fighting cancer) and balance hormone levels. ¬†I threw out all chemical ladden household cleaners and cosmetics with natural substitutions and have¬†implemented exercise and spiritual healing programs (all of this is in addition to the treatment program itself). ¬†The ultimate decision to defer to alternative treatment at this time is one that gives me the most peace.¬† This peace of mind is not only based on diligent research, but also based on my own ‚Äúgut feeling‚ÄĚ, which I believe to be critical. ¬†So, there it is in a nutshell.

A part of this ride is prayers, good energy, positive thought, love and goodness directed our way. ¬†We’re not asking that you agree or even completely understand. ¬†What we are requesting is your well wishes. ¬†This decision is ours for the making and opinions of doubt and discouragement will not be accepted. We hold no opinion for others and their decisions about treatment and healing their body, and hope that others can give us the same grace.

Now you get to play! ¬†Everyone that feels so inclined to leave a kind comment of encouragement and love at the bottom of this blog will be entered in a raffle for a fabulous prize! ¬†You will also get a chance to enter by entering a comment on my blog titled “Surprise!”. ¬†Look for it tomorrow on the OCinSite website by clicking on this link: ¬†User – OCInSite. ¬†Alabama will randomly draw a name from each and I will email you the exciting details of your win!

I am feeling so incredibly blessed by the support I have received so far. ¬†In the coming weeks, I will fill everyone in on all kinds of fascinating details and share my wealth of information with you. ¬†Not to worry, it will apply to the sick and healthy and everyone in between! ¬†I will now be signing off my week of blogging. ¬†Thank you for taking the time you took to read it these past seven days. ¬†Your kindness and caring means the world to me. ¬†Here’s to a beautiful day and all that jazz. ¬†I’m off to play in a very shoddily build sheet tent with a very happy crazy golden angel baby while a certain cherub cheerfully gurgles nearby! ¬†Sending each and every one of you immeasurable amounts of love and joy!

I will leave you with a simple and sweet thought:

xoxo, Brita

Happiness in a Click…

Have you ever made dinner and thought it was the best thing since sliced bread, only to reheat it for lunch the next day and it’s subpar at best? ¬†Well, unfortunately, that seems to be the case with the “to be continued” blog from last night. ¬†I was on a roll (in my head) and had so much to add to the next blog, but upon starting today, it doesn’t hold the same pizzaz. ¬†So, here’s the gist of intuition. ¬†If you need to make a big or small decision, try this. ¬†Step away for a moment and peacefully sit. ¬†When thinking about the situation, what is your first reaction? ¬†When thinking about your options, what is your first reaction? ¬†Most likely, that will be your guide. ¬†If you doubt your choice, reevaluate. ¬†You are always allowed to change your mind. ¬†And you are¬†always allowed to keep the course of your first instinct.

And now, moving on! ¬†What have you done today to make yourself happy? ¬†What have you done this last week that was just for you? ¬†How about this last month? ¬†Most people strain to remember a time when they weren’t working, commuting, cooking or cleaning. ¬†I would read these blogs about women taking morning baths, spending a quiet hour clearing their chakras and treating themselves to a massage once a month. ¬†I would assume these women weren’t married or mothers or animal owners because who has that kind of time to carelessly throw around?!? ¬†Turns out, it’s not really an option. ¬†Your health depends on it.

Making time and space for yourself has been medically proved to reduce stress, increase your immune system, and can slow the aging process. ¬†There is a catch though. ¬†The whole “time and space” thing is limited. ¬†To get these results, you can’t have media stimulation (I’m talking boob tube and iPad) or distractions that keep you from centering yourself. ¬†Of course, there are distractions even without those things. ¬†It’s called a monkey mind, and it’s the part of you that starts to mentally write a grocery list, or prepare a speech to your husband about hanging up the bath towel after a showering or tries to remember if you recorded “Real Housewives of New Jersey”. ¬†This is something that can be mastered over time, but gently letting these thoughts drift out and not paying heed to them is a good start. ¬†Eventually, these thoughts are spaced out farther and farther apart and clean, quiet space is replaced. ¬†Hours upon hours of meditating is not required to achieve the health benefits. ¬†Take a moment in the shower to close your eyes and breath. ¬†Try to go to bed a little earlier and spend a few quiet minutes meditating before falling asleep. ¬†This may not sound like fun to you, but you will notice a calm and peace throughout your day if you incorporate small meditation moments.

Now onto my favorite part! ¬†Happiness! ¬†It took me quite a while to hone in on what makes me happy. ¬†For the longest time, I thought TV made me happy. ¬†I couldn’t wait until the girls were in bed and I could hunker down and watch a few mindless shows before bed. ¬†Sometimes I would watch something of substance, like a documentary or have a movie night with my husband, which was always enjoyed. ¬†But something interesting would normally happened. ¬†I would drag myself away after two or three hours and feel lethargic and dull. ¬†I wouldn’t sleep very well, which would result in a groggy morning. ¬†The worst part was that I have a never-ending list of things I wanted and needed to do, and I wasn’t making a dent in it. ¬†After weeks (aka months) of this strange rhythm, a little lightbulb went off and I felt my brain starting to rewire. ¬†I started “my time” with cleaning the house up, so it was fresh and tidy in the morning. ¬†Then I’d spend about an hour replying to emails, writing thank you letters and coming up with an appealing weekly menu and grocery list. ¬†After that, I’d do what made my soul sing. ¬†I started a list of what truly made me happy. ¬†Things like taking a bath, reading a book that has nothing to do with nutrition or cancer or parenting, “pinning”, meditation and cooking. ¬†I would pick something from that list and fill my night with it. ¬†I was going to bed content, and sleeping like a baby (except when the baby wasn’t sleeping like a baby!) and I was waking up content and ready to start a new day in my already tidy house.

Understandably, not every day turns out this way. ¬†But what I realized is that it needs to be something I add to the mandatory list. ¬†Even if it’s only sitting in the sun for five minutes, it will make me happy for those three hundred seconds and that will hopefully carry over into some of the day. ¬†When I’m happy, my babies seem happier, which makes papa bear happy. ¬†And then, we feel like we are doing something right in this world! ¬†All from remembering that you are just as important as everyone else in your life, and to take the time to show your appreciation for all that you do. ¬†It’s like giving yourself a bonus for a job well done! ¬†And who doesn’t want a little quality time as a reward??

Helpful hint of the day: ¬†Meditation¬†is like taking a minivacation, a quick ‚Äúreset‚ÄĚ for your brain, body and nervous system. In our culture, most people do best with structured meditation, rather than trying to ‚Äúempty‚ÄĚ the mind. ¬†This is one of my favorite ways to start my day.


Say each phrase on an exhale, repeating four times:

For yourself; a loved one; for someone you don’t know well who needs it.

‚ÄúMay I (you) be filled with loving kindness.‚ÄĚ ‚ÄúMay I be well.‚ÄĚ ‚ÄúMay I be peaceful and at ease.‚ÄĚ ‚ÄúMay I be happy.‚ÄĚ

You’ll find that saying these out loud will put your intentions for the day out in the open.

To end, here are a few more things that make me giddy with delight!  Go out and find your happiness!

*Please note:  All of this pictures were stealthily taken from Pinterest.  I take no credit and if one of these are rightfully yours, I thank you for inspiring happiness in myself and the people that read this blog.  If you have an issue with me using your picture, email me and I will have my daughter send you a hand drawn thank you card.  Cheers!

Pillow Drool…

I am slumped in bed, still wearing my yoga pants and a t-shirt that a certain someone spit up on. ¬†I’ve arranged all the pillows around me as a sort of throne and as the minutes pass, I find my head slowly but surely drifting down to the billowy depths of comfort and sleep. ¬†“Slacking for the second day??” you ask. ¬†Not really. ¬†I had written a gem of a post about intuition. ¬†In depth, thoughtful and with a hint of humor. ¬†Unfortunately, when I decided to head over to Pandora and my computer asked me if I was sure¬†that I wanted to leave this page, I obviously answered incorrectly. ¬†Apparently, my computer’s intuition knew that I had not saved my post. ¬†So, my tired brain has decided to re-write approximately half of the post and encourage you to read the conclusion tomorrow! ¬†Without further ado, here it goes!

“If You’re Quiet, You’ll Hear It…”

Have you ever spent time with someone and felt completely and utterly exhausted afterwards, like they drained you of your sunshine? ¬†They may have not done anything that you could pinpoint as the culprit, but you felt depleted nonetheless. ¬†Or have you ever had a situation that you just didn’t feel right about? ¬†It might have been someone asking for a favor or a business arrangement and it just didn’t sit right with you. ¬†We’ve all been there, when your first reaction is “no”, but you say yes and end up paying for it somehow.

That little voice is your intuition. ¬†Everyone is built with one, but it’s not too often that we trust it. ¬†We start to believe what others say and what the media pushes and what is considered “right” by society. ¬†We start to become such a follower that the whisper of the real you is buried in the noise. ¬†Doubt nibbles at those fleeting feelings and we second guess and then guess a few more times until it’s all a muddle and you’re blindly pointing at any which way.

I can’t recall a time when I regretted following my intuition. ¬†I have an incredibly vivid memory of following it when I was in first grade. ¬†I have a few from high school and a few more in my adult years. ¬†I also have a mental trash bag full of decisions that I wish I had followed my gut feeling on. ¬†Intuition is invaluable, so start dusting off your sixth sense and get acquainted with it again!

Turns out, scientists are starting to agree that it isn’t so mystical and wacky. ¬†It’s associated with the right side of your brain, which is the side that holds our artistic and creative qualities. ¬†There are a few ways to figure it out, and that’s where my studying benefits you :). So, here’s a few key points to get you started.

*Your body language: ¬†Clammy palms, shallow breathing, or a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach, are all obvious ways that your intuition is trying to get your attention. ¬†Likewise, feelings of peace, joy or elation, are also obvious signs that you’re headed in the right direction. ¬†Need some help with the more subtle hints? ¬†Your intuition always wants what is best for you, so it will only back what is harmless to you and others. ¬†When you make the best decision for yourself, you will feel a relaxed and gentle energy. ¬†Unfortunately, it may not last long if you invite others to critique your path. ¬†You will undoubtedly teeter-totter back and forth from what’s best to what’s right to what’s nice to what’s expected. ¬†Plug your ears tightly and go back to the quiet place inside. ¬†Do you still feel peace in your decision? ¬†Ok, then go back out there and give them hell! ¬†Trust that you know yourself better than anyone else in this entire world. ¬†Don’t let a degree or a white coat or a black American Express card phase you. ¬†Schooling or money or experience can’t touch what you think is best.

*Your Dreams:  When a decision is weighing on you, it tends to come out at the midnight hour (you better be asleep by then!).  Your mind will try to solve problems when you are most relaxed and perceptive.  Keep a journal by your bed and  as soon as you wake up, jot down anything that seemed noteworthy.  Intuition tends to follow a pattern, so you might notice a theme for a few nights in a row.


Yes, that is all I have tonight. ¬†What a cliffhanger!! ¬†The second part will answer every single question you have ever had. ¬†That is quite a stretch, but I’ll complete my insights in hopes that something hits home for you.

Healthy hint of the day: ¬†When my mom was young, baby oil was considered safe while sun tanning. ¬†When I was growing up, SPF 50 was considered essential to protect me. ¬†It turns out that neither is quite right. ¬†While a “Magda like” suntan isn’t anything to aspire to, the absence of direct sun exposure is also harmful. ¬†More and more studies are showing that there is a huge Vitamin D deficiency. ¬†Studies are showing that Vitamin D can¬†build bones, strengthen the immune system and lower the risks of illnesses like diabetes¬†heart and kidney disease,high blood pressure and cancer. ¬†Try to spend 15-20 minutes a day in the sun, between 10am and 2 pm. ¬†Make sure to cover up once you’ve had an adequate dose, because a sunburn is still damaging and looks dumb. ¬†Now, go soak up those rays and I will see you back here tomorrow for the conclusion! ¬†And I will see you Thursday for the fabulous and mysterious surprise (spoiler alert: ¬†I am NOT pregnant, so stop sending me texts asking that ūüôā

A Quick Punch to the Gut…

Here’s the deal. ¬†I am obviously on a ridiculous health kick. ¬†I have become a knowledge junkie on anything green and mean. ¬†I will not bore you with a lecture on what should be sitting on your shelves and what should be lining your garbage (but Twinkies are on the second list, so toss those nasty little nuggets out!). ¬†I will give a very brief overview of what I have learned and hope that a bit of it hits home for you.

* ¬†I had read about super foods in a magazine article a few years ago. ¬†It listed things like salmon and almonds and omega-3s. ¬†Those are all very well and fine, but did you know there are¬†super¬†super foods out there?? ¬†Goji berries¬†have 500 times more vitamin C per ounce than any other fruit. ¬†That’s a pretty good reason to down a handful of these cheery red berries, but that’s not where it ends. ¬†They are also a¬†superb source of vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E and contain a full complement of protein with 18 amino acids and 21 trace minerals. ¬†Enough said, but the icing on the cake is that they are an excellent antioxidant. ¬†For those who are unaware of the role that antioxidants play in our diet, I’ll enlighten you. ¬†Simply put, they can¬†reverse aging and protect against disease. ¬†I have started popping these bad boys like candy! ¬†I decided to mix it up a bit and throw in a little variation, which is why this next item became a humdinger in healthy eating. ¬†Raw cacao is so ridiculously pumped up on antioxidants, it should be a mandatory dietary supplement. It is quite possibly the¬†world’s most concentrated source of antioxidants found in any food. ¬†As if that wasn’t enough, it is extremely high in magnesium, a mineral that most people are very deficient in. ¬†The best part is that a small 28 ounce serving of cacao beans is 314% of your daily needed iron intake. ¬†Steak is out, cacao is in! ¬†Throw in a few almonds, which contain phytochemicals and call it a party mix. Phytochemicals help protect against cardiovascular disease and even cancer. ¬†That is a pretty tasty powerhouse trio to nibble on!

*¬†“Let thy Food be thy Medicine and thy Medicine be thy Food” – Hippocrates. ¬†What does that mean to you? ¬†Does that statement from the founding father of modern medicine make you rethink the way you view your dinner? ¬†Take a day and follow a guide for wholesome and balanced eating. ¬†There is a slew of knowledgeable and credible people offering a one-day, three-day or seven-day fasts or cleanses. ¬†Or just keep it simple and try to include two fruits or vegetables in every meal. ¬†Attempt to drink at least eight glasses of water (and no, coffee doesn’t count). ¬†Sleep for eight hours. ¬†Turn off the TV a bit before hitting the hay so your mind can wind down naturally. ¬†Take a few minutes in the day to clear your head and concentrate solely on your breathing. ¬†These are the little pieces that can add to the big puzzle of internal peace, health and happiness.

* ¬†I will pick one more interesting food fact. ¬†Try to incorporate 51% of raw food into your diet. ¬†Take a look at your plate and do the math. ¬†Do you have cooked meat, a cooked vegetable and a cooked starch? ¬†How about putting a big ol’ salad on a half of that plate and the other side can be whatever floats your boat. ¬†Why raw? ¬†Maximizing¬†the intake of phytonutrients is an important factor contributing to the success of raw diets. These vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in raw plants are necessary for humans and other animals to thrive. Eating raw food generally means you are getting a higher concentration of phytonutrients and other heat-sensitive nutrients in your diet. ¬†The resume of phytonutrients includes the following: Serves as an antioxidant, enhances immune response and cell-to-cell communication, alters estrogen metabolism, causes cancer cells to die (apoptosis) and repairs DNA damage caused by smoking and other toxic exposures. ¬†Not too shabby for chomping on a carrot stick.

I care about you. ¬†I care about what you are putting into your body. ¬†Everyone is able to tweak their diet and lifestyle before the wake up call of cancer or disease comes knocking. ¬†It’s like a heads up that there is heavy gridlock on the freeway that you’re traveling on. ¬†You’re able to re-route your path without having to be one of those cars in nasty gridlock. ¬†Consider this a possible alternate map. ¬†Take it from a gal who has done her research on different ways to get to the destination of a happy, healthy body. ¬†There are more ways than I can count to achieve health. ¬†Do your research. ¬†Listen to your body. What feels like a fit and what feels like torture will be a pretty good indicator as to what will work. ¬†You know yourself better than anyone. ¬†Start trusting you!

Healthy tip of the day: ¬†If you want a big dose of food knowledge, watch “Food Matters”. ¬†Fascinating science behind our food and the role it plays in health. ¬†If you don’t want a big dose of food knowledge, tune in tomorrow. ¬†I promise it will be foodless ūüôā

A nice thought to end this post:

simply sweet


Well, What Do You Know….

Yes, I did slack today. ¬†But I am a woman of my word, so I refuse to end the night without posting something! ¬†You may be surprised that 10;00 is considered the end of the night. ¬†I will most likely be up between 2 am and 4 am with one or both girls. ¬†It’s a different take on partying all night long. ¬†So, without further ado, I will throw out a few of the latest pictures in hopes that you will tune in tomorrow for a very wordy post, filled with fascinating information and riveting dialog. ¬†Cheers!

Sweet baby girl handing out free kisses!

Very first face painting!

Ruby loving on Auntie Megan

Mindful Octopus yoga, story and craft hour!

Mommy's breakfast of rock star champions!


The month of February has been wonderful thus far. ¬†It started with the joy of green smoothies, brought to life by the incredibly giving company, Vitamix. ¬†To read about this sweet and lovely story, please visit my other blog here:¬†Brita Corradini: A Unicorn, Double Chocolate Cake, and a Perfect Sunset‚Ķ : Blogs – OCInSite. ¬†This blog is different and equally enjoyable! ¬†To view the other posts I have written for this website, please visit: ¬†User – OCInSite. ¬†Multiple¬†blogs, you ask?? ¬†Yes, I am a bit of a tart when it comes to my words. ¬†This blog is published on Stu News here: ¬†Stu News Laguna. ¬†I figure if you’ll listen and follow, I’ll write and spread the word!

Back to wonderful¬†February and the chicken dinner! ¬†I felt an enormous lift in energy and spirit as I drank my smoothies chock full of dark green goodness. ¬†How intense did I get? ¬†Very. ¬†I started following a smoothie recipe from an inspirational woman by the name of Courtney and her aptly named blog – “Green Drink Diaries”. ¬†There is the expected greens like kale and spinach, with a few exciting ingredients like spouts and seaweed. ¬†She throws in a very complementary avocado. ¬†But the creme de la creme is the raw brussel sprouts. ¬†You could not pay me $20 to eat a raw brussel sprout. ¬†You could probably pay me $50, but I haven’t seen anyone pulling out their wallets to watch me nibble one of those baby green globes for an hour. ¬†It does make sense that if you can’t chew your way to healthiness, why not blend? ¬†This is the ultimate big gulp of smoothies, weighing in at a whopping 64 ounces! ¬†Thankfully, the Vitamix whips this bad boy into a silky oblivion. ¬†The taste is intense but very drinkable. ¬†You may notice I use the word “intense” quite a bit. ¬†In case you’re wondering what I mean by it, let me do a re-cap of when I use it. ¬†My completely drug-free natural labor wasn’t painful, it was “intense”. ¬†Going through chemo with two babies wasn’t difficult, it was “intense”. ¬†Drinking a smoothie that is full of raw vegetables I wouldn’t normally eat isn’t gross, it’s just “intense”. ¬†Why give it a label that has a¬†negative connotation before you’re out of the gate? ¬†Why not start the race with a word that leaves room for growth so that moment can create its own feeling? ¬†When I say “intense,” I’m reminding myself that I am stronger than any experience. ¬†Of course I know there are moments of exhaustion and pain and frustration, but I am setting myself up with verbal armor that looks for the light at the end of the tunnel. ¬†Turns out, this “intense” smoothie has become an enjoyable drink.

I am doing myself a favor every morning when I hit that blend button and watch the swirls of emerald and forest green.  I have felt the difference in my energy levels and have seen it in the healthy glow I exude.  I am even fitting into pre-pregnancy jeans!  And by pre-pregnancy, I mean pre ALL babies pregnancy!  Oh yes, I think happiness has snuck into my description of the smoothie!

As I watch Alabama stretch her little limbs into the person she’s growing into, I am daily reminded of my influence on her. ¬†Her eagle eye doesn’t miss a thing, and she has asked for a drink every time I make a smoothie. ¬†Yes, I am making ridiculously delicious noises that would make anyone say “I’ll have what she’s having,” but it works. ¬†She has found delight in sunlight and plants and little baby bugs that probably don’t survive her poking and prodding. ¬†Combining a green smoothie with a little sunny Vitamin D and my baby soaking up nature leaves me as the happiest camper this side of the Rockies.

Helpful hint of the day: ¬†We are all aware that broccoli is incredibly good for you. ¬†My dear friend Miss Mahlia clued me into the best way to eat this mini green tree. ¬†A quick dip in boiling water opens up the pores and releases any hidden toxins. ¬†Even organic broccoli will drink up the floating toxins from the commercially grown plant next door. ¬†Then, a quick dip in cold water stops the cooking process and you’ve got yourself a toxic-free, healthful veggie!

Now onto my favorite part ūüôā

Repairing what the Santa Ana winds tore apart

Drinking from her homemade watering can

Growing my own sprouts like a super cool counter farmer!

Green mustache and my chia pet hair!

Wait, this is in February?? Yes, non-Southern California friends, this is winter ūüôā

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