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In case the title didn’t give it away, I have fantastic news!  I am officially 100% cancer free!!!!!!!  I had planned on drawing it out a bit, but I couldn’t help but give away the punchline first!  I had been on my new regiment for a month before he asked me to do a few blood work tests.  A few meaning 34.  I had just enough blood to comply, and left the office feeling more than a little woozy.  After impatiently waiting for two weeks, he emailed me the numbers and percentages.  I stared at the page for hours, trying to decide if 2.5 was good for one and 3,000 might be a little high for another.  Finally, I emailed him and asked point-blank when he thought I might be cancer free.  I was promptly emailed back this:

1) the tumor markers for breast cancer are all clear
2) the last imaging report was negative
3) in each of the ways we are looking, there is no presence of cancer
Be strong, hopeful, and encouraged, and that it is absolutely appropriate to confidently share with friends and family that you are cancer free!  My plan is to continue supporting you by: 
1) working with you on a good plan for screening/preventive care
2) keeping you on a streamlined effective protocol
I was completely caught off guard!  Cancer free?!?  I didn’t expect this news for at least another year!  Well, it was perfect timing because the next day, I had my port taken out.  For those of you who don’t remember my friendly iv site, here’s the day I had it put in:
And here’s the last remnant of my war wounds:
I am beyond grateful for every single person that sent well wishes, prayers, love, laughter and support our way.  If you’re reading this, I’m sending you an enormous virtual hug and sloppy kiss (husband approved this excessive display of affection).  We did it!  With this newfound admiration for my body and the second lease on life, I want to strive for impossible greatness.  I want to give back tenfold and remember that life is rather simple.  Love is really all you need.  Love yourself and stretch from there.  In the beautiful words of many yoga instructors everywhere, “the light within me bows to the light within you”.  Namaste

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Please Please Please…

I had intended to write a fluffy little blip about my day and share a few pictures of us doing little bits of nothing.  I had a few helpful hint to share and was going to head to bed at a decent time.  However, the universe had a different plan.

How often do you see people post videos to watch on Facebook and you pay no attention?  How often are you invited to events that you never even take time to look at?  I am guilty of both.  I tend to browse with one eye on my computer and the other on my daughter stacking books on her sister.  I’m not sure what made me notice tonight.  More than a few friends had reposted this video, so I guess it was the repetition that made me take a second glance.

Before I go on, I need you to promise me something.  Pretend that I am standing in front of you, begging you for your promise. You’ll feel so incredibly guilty if you don’t follow through, right??  Please read this whole post.  Do not stop, even if it gets difficult.  If you aren’t able to read the whole post and watch the attached 30 minute video, please find time as soon as you can.  This is important.

I’m the first to admit that I don’t enjoy feeling bad.  I always pick the romantic comedy to watch or books that have a happy ending.  I’m not even a fan of watching the news.  It’s always gloom and doom and it depresses me.  I like to surround myself with goodness and peace and light and love.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but there’s a world bigger than my happiness bubble.

Let’s imagine something for a moment.  Pick someone you love dearly.  Someone that means the world to you.  I immediately hone in on my babies.  Imagine that they are in trouble.  Imagine that they need your help.  How far would you go for them?  Most of you would probably go to the ends of the earth.  Literally.  Now imagine seeing a unknown child hurting in front of you.  Most of us have a heart big enough to reach out and help this unknown little person who can’t yet protect themselves.  Love makes the world go round!

I don’t want to dwell on the horrors of the past for more than a moment, but let’s take a quick look back.  There have been situations in our history that has made my blood boil.  The Holocaust and the segregation of women and races are two that always start me on a rampage.  I feel angry that more wasn’t noticed or acted upon at that time.  Where was the love and the united front of humans fighting for each other instead of against each other?  Why does it matter what color or sex you are?  As the human race (which includes every single human under the sun), we can strengthen each other by caring and loving and reaching out to each other.  YOU can be the warmth and touch that someone desperately needs.  YOU can make a difference in someone’s life.  How good will it feel when you do something outside your day to day tasks and actually join a movement that will only better the lives of thousands of people??

I will ask you for two things.  First of all,  watch this video.  It is 30 minutes, so try to set that time aside.  It’s worth watching in one sitting.  Secondly, do what you can to support this movement.  Something as simple and free as signing the petition can make the difference.  Don’t tell yourself that you’ll do something later.  Do it now.  Allow yourself to be moved by the emotion and depth of caring shown and use that to catapult yourself into doing and moving.  Make this the day that you decided to educate yourself on what is happening in Uganda.  Make this the day that you decide to help.  I appreciate you taking the time.  I am sending each and every person light and love and an enormous hug for joining hands with all those who have committed themselves to seeing a change in the lives of those too young to defend their rights.

Click here to watch the video:

KONY 2012 on Vimeo on Vimeo

via KONY 2012 on Vimeo.

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