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In case the title didn’t give it away, I have fantastic news!  I am officially 100% cancer free!!!!!!!  I had planned on drawing it out a bit, but I couldn’t help but give away the punchline first!  I had been on my new regiment for a month before he asked me to do a few blood work tests.  A few meaning 34.  I had just enough blood to comply, and left the office feeling more than a little woozy.  After impatiently waiting for two weeks, he emailed me the numbers and percentages.  I stared at the page for hours, trying to decide if 2.5 was good for one and 3,000 might be a little high for another.  Finally, I emailed him and asked point-blank when he thought I might be cancer free.  I was promptly emailed back this:

1) the tumor markers for breast cancer are all clear
2) the last imaging report was negative
3) in each of the ways we are looking, there is no presence of cancer
Be strong, hopeful, and encouraged, and that it is absolutely appropriate to confidently share with friends and family that you are cancer free!  My plan is to continue supporting you by: 
1) working with you on a good plan for screening/preventive care
2) keeping you on a streamlined effective protocol
I was completely caught off guard!  Cancer free?!?  I didn’t expect this news for at least another year!  Well, it was perfect timing because the next day, I had my port taken out.  For those of you who don’t remember my friendly iv site, here’s the day I had it put in:
And here’s the last remnant of my war wounds:
I am beyond grateful for every single person that sent well wishes, prayers, love, laughter and support our way.  If you’re reading this, I’m sending you an enormous virtual hug and sloppy kiss (husband approved this excessive display of affection).  We did it!  With this newfound admiration for my body and the second lease on life, I want to strive for impossible greatness.  I want to give back tenfold and remember that life is rather simple.  Love is really all you need.  Love yourself and stretch from there.  In the beautiful words of many yoga instructors everywhere, “the light within me bows to the light within you”.  Namaste

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The Ox…

I’m not sure I can change the name of my blog, but it seems that I have grown wings bigger than “a girl with cancer”.  The state of my health is no longer defined by that word.  I am now defined by my babies and grizzly husband, by the herb garden I’m starting and the friends that I laugh with.  You can call me mama, sweet love wife, green thumb or bestie.  I no longer answer to victim or cancer patient.  Since taking responsibility for my health, I found that elusive summer buried in the snow.  I can’t claim a solo victory on this feat, and must give credit where credit is due.

Since I hadn’t received my medical degree in the mail yet, I did a ton of research on naturopathic and holistic doctors to assist in my journey.  I met a few, but was hesitant to sign over my newly found health rights to them.  I was looking for that golden ring; the perfect marriage of knowledge, experience, and open-mindedness.  A doctor who actually believed in the body’s ability to heal and reverse cancer.  My search led me to a place I love dearly and a state I call home.  In the heart of this Shakespearian town, I found my golden ring.

The Mederi Foundation is located in Ashland, Oregon.  The founder, Dr. Donald Yance, has created an individualized multi-faceted treatment program for cancer patients.  They deal with the physical, spiritual and mental aspects of your disease and use each for the healing process.  I picked my doctor, who specialized in oncology, and impatiently awaited my phone call appointment.  The initial consultation that was supposed to last about an hour and a half, but it stretched itself to three hours and was filled to the brim with facts on cancer, on herbs and botanicals and I felt an immense gratitude to speak with a doctor that cared about me as a person and not just as a diagnosis.  Our call ended with the promise of a protocol for my new treatment plan.

My doctor did not disappoint.  The next week, I received a 10 page protocol.  It was written specifically for my type of cancer, my tumor markers, and my eating habits.  It was easy to understand, easy to follow and he even had the reasons for each recommendation so I knew how my body was utilizing the supplements.  Oh, the supplements!  This regiment is no small task.  I am taking sixty different supplements and botanical solutions in addition to a smoothie every morning that piles on an additional five or six in powder form.  This is in addition to yoga, walking and trampoline jumping.  And this is in addition to daily meditation and stress management.  All in all, it’s a full-time job!  The wonderful part is that I feel healthy as an ox (there’s the title plug!).  I’ve got the energy to happily go from 6 am to 7 pm with two energetic babies in tow, find the time to smooch on my husband and even blog a bit!

I appreciate each person that has continued to follow and I very much look forward to starting this new chapter with you!  To end, a few pictures of what has been filling my days.  Love and light to each of you! xo

Happiness comes by having big friends!

Who needs a chair when you have a shoebox?

Messy homemade paint day

Because I’ve received a few personal messages about my treatment and what I recommend, I must put this next part in to cover myself legally.  I am not a doctor, and am not suggesting anyone follow my lead.  Everyone must make their own decisions, do their own research and listen to their bodies for the best suited therapy.  You should find a doctor that you are comfortable with and that you trust and work with them to create a plan for your situation.  I am sharing my experience so others know that they have options and I will happily share all my resources with anyone who is interested.

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